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Q What is the difference between the 220 Soft Guides and the 220 Soft Collections?
A The 220 Soft guides are programs designed to help people with specific difficulties. The 220 Soft Collections are sets of the guides specifically put together to help people facing changes in their lives such as redundancy, searching for a new job or settling in the UK for new arrivals.
Q Some of the learners and members have literacy and ESOL issues, do you offer any help with this?
A To help with this all of our programs contain full English speech that users can hear when they click on the speaker icons and can listen to them as many times as they wish. There is also an option to hear the whole page read with each paragraph being read indicated.
Q How do we know if the programs have been used?
A There is a LMS system where the administrator or other person can see usage and other information that is relevant to themselves only.
Q What are the system requirements for the products?
A The guides and collections run on most devices and browsers with an Internet connection.
Q Is technical support available?
A Support is free of charge throughout the term of the licence via email.
Q Will we receive training to use the products?
A The products are very easy to use and help leaflets can be downloaded. In case of difficulty our technical department will answer any questions that you may have.
Q How are the products branded?
A All pages for all our guides and collections are branded with the client’s logo.
Q Are the pages updated?
A We check monthly that all facts, screens and external hyperlinks are up-to-date.
Q Are there any additional resources to accompany the program?
A Leaflets describing the product and many other resources are available from the download link of this website here.

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