Life in the UK

Life in the UK – the British way of Life: A guide to help newcomers to the United Kingdom by explaining things that may be different or new to them as they settle in the UK. Culture, customs, religion, travelling and public transport, health, hygiene and the NHS, making a living and benefits are among the topics covered.

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Life in the UK

Life in the UK – features at a glance

Life in the UK - main menu
  • Support for all newcomers to the UK
  • Information about local housing and religion
  • Travelling: your own and public transport
  • Staying safe and legal
  • Health, hygiene and the NHS
  • Making a living and benefits
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Life in the UK – Guide overview and content

Life in the UK (The British way of Life) – Overview
This guide gives you essential information to make it easier to prepare for your new home, to integrate and to succeed with British life. It covers, amongst many other topics, content promoting British values such as the acceptance of all nationalities, religious faiths and the UK’s non-discriminatory philosophy and law.

Some of the most important topics covered are the NHS, emergency services, finding a job, pre-school for children, further adult education, the communication network and even eligibility to vote. The guide does not leave anyone to find out information for themself and there are many links to the Government, NHS and other useful websites, and a linked glossary helps with the understanding of new words and phrases.

As well as preparing you for life in the UK, it is an ideal source of information once you arrive.

Life in the UK – The British way of Life - Content

Life in the UKIntroduction

  • Welcome
  • Your new home
  • Language
  • Customs
  • Money

What you will find near your new home

  • Provisions and supplies
  • Accommodation
  • Public transport
  • Facilities
  • Religious practice

Staying safe and Legal in the UK

  • Documentation
  • Social conduct
  • Drugs and the law
  • Safety at home
  • Safety outdoors
  • The emergency services

Health, hygiene and the NHS

  • Home hygiene
  • Nutrition and the NHS
  • Local medical services
  • Specialist treatment

Working and the steps to citizenship

  • Steps to citizenship
  • Finding work
  • Benefits
  • Banking and Money management

A Better Life

  • Entertainment and culture
  • Your own transport
  • Holidays and travel
  • Children and schooling
  • Further education
  • The right to vote

Useful Links

All the links from the guide brought together to make them easy to find.


Words in the guide that you may not understand explained.