About the guides

220 Soft have created a series of helpful guides which have been designed to assist all newcomers to the United Kingdom, the guides include:

Universal Credit – a step-by-step guide to navigating the UK Government’s benefits system.

Job Skills –  a step-by-step guide to help those who are seeking employment.

Find a Job – a step-by-step guide to job searching and how to find a job

Life in the UK – a step-by-step guide to living in the UK which covers customs, religion, travelling and public transport, the NHS, making a living and benefits.

Our guides have been used extensively throughout the UK via local authority councils and libraries.

220 Soft Guides to living and working in the UK

220 Software Collections

Our guides are available individually, we have also have Collections which consist of suites of compatible guides. Our Guides and Collections have been designed to help newcomers to living and working in the UK.

220 Soft Testimonials

The 220Soft software is seen as a means of providing customers with a more formal, structured approach to learning while still retaining the benefits of individual learning at own pace in a library environment.

Northumberland County Council

In terms of comparison to other products there really isn’t one. I have been investigating possibilities for some time and this is the only solution I have seen with the language choice as available by 220 Soft.

Gloucestershire County Council

The currency of the topics and the speed of information updates is an important feature. Additionally, it has full content speech options that allow users to listen to the topics as well as reading them.

Lancashire County Council