The Learning Management System

All 220 Soft collections and guides have a Learning Management System (LMS) for the administration, tracking and reporting of the users’ progress.

There are several levels of data access so that everyone from the administrator, to the end user has the opportunity to access the data that they need too, without seeing the private data of others.

This means that the administrator can see all user data down to individual user reports while a user can only see their own report.

There are two main screens within the LMS. The first shows a summary of the overall usage of the collection or guide (Figure 1).

Clicking a link on that page takes you to the user data summary (Figure 2). From this page anyone authorised can see the use of the individual guides or collections by any individual and view and print their report. The report (in the form of a certificate) can also be viewed or printed from the users own pages.

From this page you can also go to pages for individual guides showing even more in-depth breakdown of time, number of logins and progress through that guide.

All the individual Learning Management Systems have comprehensive search and sort facilities allowing for comprehensive usage data, to be quickly accessed.

Several DWP representatives have confirmed that a user’s printed reports will demonstrate Claimant Commitment compliance, as it shows proof of employability skills training

Figure 1: The Usage Data

Figure 1: The Usage Data

Figure 2: User data Summary and Reports

Figure 2: User data Summary and Reports